skylight300pxA skylight is a cold room window designed to provide ventilation and light for uninhabited and unheated loft spaces.

For inhabited roof space you should really use a roof window. Skylights are produced with 14 mm double glazed pane to improve insulation, and comes with an integrated flashing so you do not need to buy a separate installation product. The flashing fits perfectly on tiles and slate roofs too. After removing or trimming the foam gasket you can install the skylight perfectly on slates too.

The construction can be fixed and mounted very easily in the roof area. For each skylight you find an installation manual showing step-by-step the mounting process without any text. Chassis are made in following sizes:
- 45 x 55 cm
- 45 x 73 cm

Skylights are made for maximum flexibility: you can install them as top-hung or side-hung. All chassis are suitable for tile and slate roofing with roof pitches between 15 and 60 degrees and roof material up to 90 mm height.

Features of our skylight:

  • Integrated flashing with apron
  • Trimmable or completely removable foam gasket
  • to ensure a perfect seal to roofing
  • The product can be installed in all roofing materials
  • Our flexible system allows installation in roofs with pitches between 15 and 60 degrees
  • Top-hung as standard with side-hung opening as option 
  • Comes with rubber gaskets in the sash
  • Weather - and UV ray resistant
  • Kiln-dried pine wood subframewith fungicide protection
  • 14mm double pane (3-8-3)
  • Chromed steel handle with two ventilation positions


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