A perfect protection against heat, cold, noise or burglary!

A roller shutter is an excellent product providing complete blackout effect, increasing heat and sound insulation, protecting against burglary and giving you complete privacy. A roller shutter shortly features all advantages of the blinds but also ensures higher resistance against all kinds of weather conditions, and protects better against unwanted visitors if you are not at home.

The roller shutter is electrical, which makes it very easy to operate. It works with a 24V 4-step tubular motor. The motor, control unit and the infrared remote control are included in the roller shutter installation.

The roller shutter has double insulated coated aluminium slats which ensure great sound and heat insulation. The slats are connected with a rubber hinge that increases the product durability. Also, the special design of the slats (curved cross section) enables that the shutter fits very compactly when it is rolled up compared to other similar products on the market.. You can easily operate the roof window and the roller shutter at the same time. The base section is fixed on the sash so you can ventilate and reduce solar heating at the same time, a unique feature of the Axis90 roller shutter.

The roller shutter is very easy to install and after the installation of the roof window it can still be easily installed.

Our Roller shutter carries a 10 years guarantee.